You found your person!

Now you’re planning a day that is so very you. I’m here to makes sure that you look amazing and that you have a damn good time too!

From your engagement photos at your favorite spot, to the tears that run down your parents face as you finish your first dance – I’ll capture the big moments and the little details that you might miss, cause you’ll be so busy having a blast with your friends and family. I’ll look out for that hair tie on your wrist or the shoelace that came untied and I’ll fan your dress out just right so you look bomb dot com! You’ll look through your photos and feel the feels all over again.

Tammy & Cody

Running around Glamis Sand Dunes with these three was such a blast. We woke up before dawn and captured some amazing shots as the sun rose. It was such a blast, and who could resist smiling with their pup around? Checkout the blogpost to see their adventure session!

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