I live in sunny Southern California, although strangely I rarely make it to the beach to lay in the sun. Good food, and great coffee are the ways to my heart. If I’m not running around getting my hiking boots dirty, I’m probably on the couch cuddling my husband and our Australian Shepherd. I love our National Parks, and hope to see all 63 (19 down, 44 to go). Road trips, cute Airbnbs, and sunsets are my favorite things.

I love traveling and visiting incredible places. Photography is a way for me to capture and experience those breathtaking moments over and over again. Every beautiful location that I would visit, my camera would come along for the journey. I fell in love with portrait photography after my fiancé and I did an adventure session in Joshua Tree National Park. It was a blast! We had such a great time loving on each other while running around a place that’s close to our hearts. Looking back at those photos of us gave us this incredible feeling of joy, and I immediately knew that it was something that I wanted to create myself. I truly enjoy getting to know each of my couples while capturing them in a way that is most authentic to them.

Hello, I'm Tess!

I love traveling and experiencing the beautiful landscapes that our world has to offer. My passport is always ready, and I cant wait to document your love wherever you two are going! 

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